1 Week To Go…

Next Friday, John and I will be boarding a plane to Europe, where we will stay for three months.

Even as I type this, it still doesn’t seem quite real.  For every task left to be done, there’s 3 that we have accomplished already…which is a good ratio for 7 days out.  We have travel insurance, a coveted chip-and-pin card, flights booked, 1st week’s accommodation set, important docs scanned and secured, more gear than we can shake a stick at and a healthy dose of anxiety (the good kind.)  We’ve said our goodbyes to the majority of people, both of our jobs wrap up tomorrow and the cats were deployed to their host family.  I could go on and on about what we’ve done…however, it’s the stuff that is left that keeps me up at night and puts a permanent crick in my neck.

Our dear friend, the one that’s looking after the house and pups while we are gone, arrives in 48 hours and the house is a bloody shambles.  Piles of travel crap everywhere, a temporary office set up on the dining room table and an office that is still covered in cat hair.  I pray he forgives us for the madness he is about to walk into.

My top priority tasks that remain

  • Switching my phone over to T-Mobile (they have a wicked-awesome international plan.)
  • Find a pair of adventure pants that will fit my enormous bum.  Why, oh why are there not fitness clothes and active wear for the thicker ladies?  One would think companies would want to encourage us fat-asses to get off our butts and move around.  If Northface came out with a ‘women’s’ line, I would be a life-long patron.  I challenge you, Northface!  Don’t you want more of my hard-earned cash? Alas, my butt may have to be jean-clad for Europe.
  • Clean out my car…the remarkable Phoenix is going to live with a friend for a year.
  • Notarize my Will, Living Will and POA docs (downer.)
  • A million other things that I am probably forgetting.

When I get too freaked out…I look at this picture.  If you can still laugh at yourself, you’re in a good place.

At the MET Museum.

At the MET Museum.

John’s top priority tasks that remain

  • Wrap up a mega-hard project by Tuesday.
  • Decide which rock-n-roll t-shirts to pack.
  • A million other things that I am probably forgetting.

Lincoln’s top priority tasks that remain

  • break into the trash

Also, Happy Birthday to Penny!  She’s three today.

Penny Rocket - I'm 3!

Penny Rocket – I’m 3!

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  1. LOVE the pic! And I couldn’t agree more with your thoughts on thick lady clothes. I’ve been searching for months trying to find an exercise bra so I don’t get black eyes trying to exercise off my fat ass. Can’t wait to hear about your amazing adventures!

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