1 Day To Go…

By this time tomorrow, John and I will be on a plane headed for Manchester.  We arrive at 7:50am, local time, and my lovely sister and her husband will have driven 2 hours to pick our tired asses up from the airport.

It’s been a hectic last week.  John was working on a monster project up until Wednesday. He kicked ass, as he always does, but there were a couple of very late nights. My last day in the office was the previous Friday…but I don’t think I have adjusted yet.  I still reach for my phone every morning, expecting to catch up on the work emails that have come in since I last checked.  My company has a social network, much like facebook, where we keep in touch throughout the week.  Checking Yammer had been a solid part of my  morning routine until Saturday.  Laptop and logowear were shipped off on Monday.  I am officially Johnny No-Job.

We welcomed our friend and his pup, Clint, into their new home.  About 6 weeks ago, we met up in Hot Springs, AK, to watch the Superbowl (lame) and let the dogs get used to each other.  I am really glad we did, as they are very comfortable together now.  Play scuffles and snuggling abound!

Penny and Cousin Clint

Penny and Cousin Clint

At some point tomorrow, I am sure this will all become real…for now, it still seems like a bit of a fever dream.  I thought I would have some more poignant things to write at this point, but I’m coming up empty.  Here’s to a good nights sleep and a calm morning tomorrow.






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  1. Have a good flight, hope the fog lifts here before you arrive, it’s been like pea soup ! As they say!

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