The Train to Inverness

Today was a travel day to the Highlands. We left Marion and Georgia in their cosy flat and hiked 1.3 miles to the train station with our packs. That’s really the longest we’ve walked with them so far and it wasn’t bad at all. We clipped the daypack onto John’s big pack, which is the best solution we’ve found so far.

We were promised amazing vistas from the train, and we were not disappointed.


20140413-205255.jpgWe saw 4 rainbows during the train ride…something to do with the fact that the weather just can’t make up it’s mind.

It was 3.5 hours to Inverness, the capital of the Highlands. Our guide book describes Inverness as a ‘dreary, grey town’ however, I was quite charmed by the walk next to the River Ness.

20140413-205530.jpgThey also have a castle, which was built in 1836 on the grounds of a 11th century fortification. It’s built from sandstone, which, to be honest, looks a bit like duplo bricks and gives it a 70’s feel.

20140413-205839.jpgWe finished the day with a huge pile of fish and chips, which blew Whitby’s fare out of the water.

20140413-205947.jpgWe cross the Highlands tomorrow via train and end up in the Isle of Skye. If you can trust the weather man, we will be treated to two days of sunshine. Fingers crossed!

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