Copenhagen: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Dear Diary

We are now in Copenhagen, Denmark, having left the friendly confines of Scotland for adventures on the continent.

Slight turbulence has provided “texture” to the smooth ride that we experienced for the first two weeks of the trip. It would have been so boring to have everything go perfectly.

I’d like to characterize the events of the following two days into the handy buckets provided by my alltime favorite film.

The Good
* We have had amazing weather. ~15 degrees (that’s good weather, Farenheit-lovers) and sunny the entire time. Lovely.20140420-135229.jpg
* They have nice parks, gardens, and canals here. It’s a little like Amsterdam, without the legalized whores and military-grade weed20140420-135333.jpg20140420-135343.jpg20140420-135355.jpg20140420-135420.jpg20140420-135441.jpg20140420-135451.jpg
* The bathroom in our flat features a euro-style shower that has no walls. Water just goes where it will in this profoundly tiny bathroom. This delights me for some reason.
* We saw some Rembrandt’s and Matisse’s today at the art gallery. I know it’s the old stuff, but I love Rembrandt. 20140420-135912.jpg
* Viking stuff20140420-140101.jpg
* We have discovered and worked into our vocabulary the phrase Gront Blomster. I don’t know what it means but the sound of it cracks us both up.
*happy outlets 20140420-140222.jpg
*The happy wall, on which you can flip colored blocks to spell out a message. Remarkably, no one had put up any rude words.20140420-140349.jpg20140420-140357.jpg

The Bad
* When I came to the land of Vikings, I expected a lot of coldwater fish. What I got was a lot of pizza, hot dogs, kebabs. This country smells like hot dogs. I don’t think they have any indigenous foods here.
* Food prices are so high that they are comical. Or would be if you didn’t have to pay them. We have paid $4 for a glass of tapwater, $8 for a glass of diet coke, and $18 for a plate of nachos that I should have sent back to the kitchen. $46 dollars for a couple of meals that belonged on an airplane
* I was promised by one of the travel guidebooks beautiful topless sunbathing secretaries in the park at lunchtime, but I did not see any.
* We are sleeping on a bed that feels like it might have played a supporting role in the Spanish Inquisition. Side note: I am SO SORRY to everyone that had to sleep on the fold away bed at our house before Geoff and Sue brought us the extra mattress. I didn’t know.

The Ugly
* Bex has picked up a nasty tummyache. Detailed description is not appropriate; you get the picture.
* I initially booked us into a hotel for a night that it turns out is literally a halfway house / flop house / den of prostitution. On a humorous note, it’s reviews are great fun to read.

Tomorrow we leave for Aarhus. More Vikingland adventures. We will get back on track. Stay tuned!


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