Random Day – Elephants, Trains, and Baby Angus

A slow start on the morning we left Copenhagen, heading off to the countryside of Denmark. Denmark is broken into three big parts, it looks like a plate that’s been dropped on the floor. 1) Zealand, which is where Copenhagen is 2) Funen and 3) Jutland (Viking land) The landscape we saw on the train ride to Aarhus (Jutland) looked a lot like Tennessee, just with more wind turbines (they even put them in the sea) and A-frame houses.

20140421-091310.jpgThe weather is still glorious, so after we settled into our flat, we took a walk around a large park that ended at the sea. The circus is in town!20140421-091500.jpgA couple stopped us in Copenhagen to ask for directions because we looked local! Their reasoning was that they thought John was carrying a baby in a Baby Bjorn…but it was actually our day pack. Since then we’ve christened our day back “Baby Angus.”20140421-091803.jpg

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