Gothenburg, Sweden – No Clouds Here

We only had a day in Gothenburg, Sweden…but, dang gummit, we walked all over it! We spent the night apart in our separate hostel dorms. John shared his room with a bunch of rowdy guys however, I was the only person in mine. It was lit up like a football stadium, due to the lack of blinds…so I didn’t sleep much either. It was also the first night we slept in our glow-worm sacks (shout-out to Andrew Recinos) which are essentially silk/cotton bags that we bought to crawl into when hostels don’t provide linen for free. They turned out to be very toasty…not the most helpful arrangement to be in if you need to get out of the bed in a hurry and forgot you are in a bag…but it works out if you are the only person in your dorm.

Having hit the art museums in every city so far, we decided to skip the KunstMuseet in Gothenburg except for a quick pass through the square to visit Poseidon. He didn’t have his big trident out, but his little trident made an appearance. Strategically placed shadows provided for the faint of heart.20140426-215251.jpgIt was mainly a day of wandering around and taking ridiculous pictures of ourselves…well, mainly me making John do silly things.

20140426-215430.jpgJohn had a craving for a Whopper…and once the craving hits, there’s nothing you can do about it except indulge. My craving was for ice-cream, so we hat a fat day.


20140426-215903.jpgWe walked down to the harbor to see the Opera house, but got distracted by the boats. This one is moored in front of the ‘Lipstick Tower’ and is a restaurant, a convention center and a hotel.

20140426-220058.jpgWe walked back through Haga, which is the medieval part of the town. Cobbled streets and little shops, Swede’s drinking beer and eating pastries outside little cafes…it was all very European. The soundtrack to this scene was provided by this gentleman, who was cranking out tunes such as The Godfather theme and Tequila!

20140426-220546.jpgWe threw some krone into his case which prompted him to follow John down the street, taking him on a musical tour of world, accompanied on the accordion. He had a song for every country, which went from Italy to France, Japan to the US. Each song had a little dance…he was an accordion sprite, I think.

20140426-220907.jpgAfter we managed to escape, we wound our way to the largest park in the city, Slottskogen, had some lunch and killed some time in the Natural History Museum. This museum is packed to the rafters with case after case of stuffed animals and creatures floating around in jars. They are the only museum in the world that has a stuffed Blue Whale.


20140426-220324.jpgSightseeing accomplished, we polished off a couple of beers and went to see Spiderman 2 (Becci – 2 thumbs up.) We returned to the hostel to cook a big pot of spaghetti and meat sauce (we miss spaghetti night too, Hayden!) Our brief stay in Sweden will be over tomorrow, but we will be back in about a week for a long stop in Stockholm (if our wallets can take it..these Scandenwiegen countries are expensive!)

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  1. New band name: Gront Blomster and the Accordion Sprites! Perfect for “green flowers?” me thinks. Don’t hold me to that translation. Posts are great and enjoying the pics. Miss you both. Rock!

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