Ice-Ice-Land (da dum dadadum dadadah dum)

Hello again, lovely people!

We are pulling the bags out of the attic and hitting the road again.  Alas, not for 365 days this time, rather a nice long trip to Iceland for 18 days.

Fire and Ice!  Elves and Trolls! 4X4s and Nervous Passenger Braking!

John and I will be driving as much ofthe island we can get to in 18 days – following the famous Ring Road 1, with as many detours as we can fit in.

Actually, John will be driving and I will be navigating.  I can’t drive a manual tranmission and I refuse to learn in the Camaro between now and October.  Anyhow, my skills are better used gripping the dashboard, testing the invisible break pedal and oscillating between general glaring and eyes screwed tightly shut in the passenger seat.

Editor’s Note: John is an excellent driver who has never really put me in actual harm’s way.  However, it does worry me that he says ‘Don’t worry, we have a 4×4’ more times than I think is nessecary.

The dining table is buried under maps, guidebooks and various sticky notes…which means I am currently trying to gather every possible fact abouth the place before we leave in 66 days.

More news as it happens!

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