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Seven Sorts of Sports

We saw some guys yesterday playing some Bocce-ish game, and I asked Becci if she knew the rules of Bocce, which I can never remember. She said “I don’t know exactly…you hit a ball out onto the field, and then other people come through later and knock your […]

Bonus – Pedestrian Friendly Europe

Here’s a little something that Europe has going for it. This didn’t really happen in the UK, but then the UK isn’t really proper Europe, now is it? Everywhere else we have been so far…in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, and Latvia…there occurs a very specific and peculiar pedestrian-friendly […]

Mallaig to Glasgow

The ferry wasn’t cancelled! It turns out the cancellation of the ferry was in regards to low tide, not the weather at all…so that whole “let me check the weather’ spiel was a complete charade! The ferry chugged over to Mallaig in about 25 minutes, sea spray hitting […]

A Scottish Soldier

This song has been a favorite of mine since childhood, and it’s been continuously running through my brain since we arrived in the Highlands. A SCOTTISH SOLDIER By Andy Stewart There was a soldier, a Scottish soldier Who wandered far away and soldiered far away There was none […]

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