Accumulating Goods and Services

Today we went to REI, a.k.a.the Restoration Hardware of adventure travel stores, to stock up on gear.  Absurdly expensive, but we did manage to find some bargains.  Bonus Points awarded for not spending all of the money in our bank accounts, so that’s a win. Observations and questions: […]

Bittersweet Goodbye

I was lucky enough to visit Austin, TX last week to see my work family.  We only meet as a group twice a year, and last year I missed one of those opportunities due to my back injury…so it’s been almost a year since I have seen some […]

Apologies in Advance

I realize it might be considered bad form to complain about how hard it is to plan this kind of trip and how stressful it can be when you don’t know what you’re doing…but now matter how lucky one person’s circumstances might appear to others, humans are great […]

Here’s What’s Going On:

Here’s what’s going on… We are taking 1 year to travel around several bits of the world.  We will be leaving our jobs and most of our possessions behind and really earning those NorthFace fleeces.  At it’s most base function, this blog is to assure my darling parents […]

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