About Becci


Becci’s Seven Dream Jeopardy Categories

1.  Compulsive Yarn Buying
2.  Napping
3.  Ghostbusters
4.  Spending Time in Airports
5.  Having a Green Card
6.  Dealing with Degenerative Disc Disease
7.  Fretting About Budgets

Born and raised in the UK, Becci moved to North Carolina when she was 13.  Aside from being an awesome time to be really different, years 13-21 were mainly involved in some version of theater. After graduating in ’02, Becci worked in the Performing Arts Administration industry for 10+ years before becoming a project manager for a non-profit software company, where she met the best work-family in the world.

5 years ago, she met this guy.



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  1. hello… I am from tejas and I too am planning a permanent removal from the grid. it is taking a while, but my ultimate destination is costa rica. I know Puerto Viejo well, but I am open to other places, of course. my husband and i will be first travelling the states in an rv. specifically, the west coast, mainly. I appreciate your spirit, and maybe you will also appreciate mine. follow me on my journey as I follow you on your journey, and hopefully we will be able to cross paths sometime. pura vida!

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