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Becci is based in Nashville, TN, with her two dogs, Lincoln (slow, fat black lab) and Penny (scrappy, punky dog.) and her partner, John. They are both project managers/business consultants in the software field.

After hours, Becci compulsively re-arranges her yarn collection and crochets various items and John cues up the next record on the turntable, loves on the pups and, depending on the day, adjusts his many fantasy football line-ups. A perfect evening in would include a stack of good records, a good book and enough light to untangle some yarn. A perfect evening out would include a great rock show, a couple of beers/nice whiskeys and some good dog squeezes after it all.

In April of 2014, they will be taking a career break and traveling around the world for a year. Any suggestions about how to do this for life, without breaking any laws, are most welcome.

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