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Packing for Costa Rica and Peru – Clothes Edition!

T minus 3 days until we leave for Costa Rica and Peru.  It’s time to pack!

I’ve made a conscious effort to take less clothing this time, as we will have to take more random stuff like sun-screen and big-spray.  I’m not quite sure I have succeeded…but the pile looks smaller:packing pile

Well…crap…I just did the math and I am only down 1 thing from the Europe pile.

Here is the breakdown of what’s going in the bag this time:

  • 2 tank tops – I actually found some that aren’t spaghetti straps or have armholes I can fit my torso through.  Thanks, Target!
  • 4 short sleeved t-shirts – two are fancy wicking material (ugly) and 2 are regular t-shirts (including my motorcycle shirt which is going on every trip).
  • 1 long-sleeved wicking shirt – Since I have never taken part in anything that resulted in a getting a free technical material shirt, this is one I stole from John.  It’s from the Ragnar relay from Chattanooga to Nashville.  This one is going to keep the mosquitoes at bay.  Hopefully.
  • 1 button up shirt – I’ve always had this fantasy of finding a cool button-up that I can waltz around in, looking relaxed and carefree.  The reality is, they never fit right, shrink at first wash and end up being ignored in my closet.  I gave the one I bought for Europe the boot (too see-through) here’s hoping this one does better.  My only concern is that the grey and white stripes make it look a bit ‘incarcerate-y’ and may prompt a lot of convict jokes from John.
  • 1 long sleeved cardigan – I can’t not take a cardigan.  This one is mainly for slubbing around in.
  • 2 pairs of adventure pants – One has pockets, one doesn’t…it’s the best I can do with an ass my size.
  • 1 light-weight skirt – fancy!
  • 1 DRESS – yes, folks…you actually read that correctly.  I’m taking a gamble here and taking an item of clothing that displays skin on the top AND the bottom.  More news as it happens.
  • I pair of leggings for sleeping/slubbing in – I loved having these in Europe, so they made the cut again!
  • NorthFace fleece – duh.
  • Keens – duh.
  • Two scarves – I know these seems silly, but they make me feel normal.  Plus, one is big enough to be used as a cover-up on the beach, which I am sure we all will appreciate.
  • 6 pairs of Christmas Socks – These are really great, they dry quickly and they recently belonged to my Mum, so a little piece of her gets to come too.

Not Pictured:

  • 6 pairs of my ‘unmentionables’ – You’re welcome.
  • My Keen sandals – I was wearing them at the time.
  • Bathing Suit – ugh.  I still have to buy one.  Maybe. (RATS!!! – Now I’m back up to Europe counts again).

Yes...I could probably lose a t-shirt or two…but those wicking shirts are so damn ugly.  They are acceptable when you are actually exercising..but they are a bit over-kill for any other situation.  I feel the same about polo shirts…if it’s not logo-wear, and you are not on duty…is there really a good reason to wear them, fellas?  I need some clothes I don’t look like an impostor in.

I tried out our patented ziploc/vacuum-seal technique and was surprised to find that all my clothes would comfortably fit inside Lincoln.  I’m not sure which is more worrying: a) 2 months worth of clothes can fit inside my dog, or b) I’m obviously bringing way too much.

Dog Sized

Also, unless I decide to go nudist during this trip, I can subtract 1 pair of pants and socks, a shirt and a scarf from the pile to put on my body.  Stay tuned for gadgets and other junk!

***This post is brought to you by the ASHBL (Association of Super Helpful Black Labs)***  Always ready to ‘help’.

Ursus Interuptus

Ursus Interuptus





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